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Rob Ford Didn't Enter the U.S., Reports Say

Rob Ford didn't enter the U.S., reports say
Toronto-based immigration lawyer Evan Green said admissions of — Ford has admitted smoking and using other drugs — can make someone inadmissible to the . Border officers can direct people to a U.S. immigration … Read more on

'Westside' gets 16 years in federal lockup
Wesley 'Westside' White, Sr., 39, of Valdosta, Georgia, was sentenced on May 5, 2014 to serve 16 years (200 months) for possession with intent to distribute more than 28 grams of crack cocaine by Senior Judge Hugh Lawson in Valdosta. Read more on WALB-TV

The Libertines to Reunite for One-Off Gig at London's Hyde Park

The Libertines to Reunite for One-Off Gig at London's Hyde Park
"The thing is when I think about it now, it was kind of a strange answer because I think in most days if you asked me the same question I would say no." Doherty admits that – for him, at least – the reunion was … Despite rising to international … Read more on

Bedford survey taken by students at Ross A. Lurgio raises ruckus
Some questions included: During the past 30 days have you used marijuana or hashish? How many times, if any, have you used cocaine (crack, coke, snow, rock) in your lifetime? Have you ever had sexual intercourse (“gone all the way,” “made love”)? Read more on

Police: Monticello Man Tried to Drown 2 Officers in Swamp

Police: Monticello man tried to drown 2 officers in swamp
Police in Monticello in Sullivan County said that officers pulled over a vehicle for a and found on Anthony Shackelford of Monticello. Shackelford bolted from the officers, who chased him into a swamp … Read more on Corning Leader

U.S. Agency Recommends Shorter Prison Sentences for Drug Offenders

U.S. agency recommends shorter prison sentences for
In drafting the amendment, the commission looked at the effects of a 2007 law lowering penalties for offenders. Their data … Scott Burns, of the National District Attorneys Association and former drug czar under … Read more on

Brief: Clemency Criteria Broadened

Brief: Clemency criteria broadened
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is broadening the criteria it will use in evaluating clemency petitions from certain federal prisons, and inmates for nonviolent drug offenses are their targeted group. … The announcement is part of … Read more on Maroon

Letters for April 24, 2014
While rages on, people like Mary Goloff are caught in the travails of the numbingly common occurrence of addiction to , alcohol or both. The realities for successful recovery …. One was lighting a crack pipe in … Read more on Chico News & Review

Prison Term Given in Cocaine Repeat

Prison term given in cocaine repeat
An Adrian man caught after being sentenced to probation for a second-offense cocaine delivery conviction was handed down a three- to 20-year prison term Thursday in Lenawee County Circuit Court. Cedrick … He admitted a $ 50 … Read more on The Daily Telegram

Three quarters of voters want to curb £100-a-spin slot machines and half want
Nearly half are demanding a total ban on the machines, which have been dubbed the ' of gambling' because addicts can lose hundreds of pounds in minutes. In a YouGov poll, 48 per cent said FOBTs should not be permitted in . Read more on Daily Mail