Crack Cocaine History: Rob Ford Friend Sandro Lisi Has Long History of Violence, Threats and Dirty Tricks

Rob Ford friend Sandro Lisi has long history of violence, threats and dirty tricks
Accused crack video extortionist Alexander “Sandro” Lisi once threatened an 18-year-old woman by motioning that he would slit her throat, allegedly menaced a second woman by saying he would have acid thrown in her face, and was driving in a car crash that critically injured an elderly woman pedestrian, according to newly obtained court documents. Most recently, he was convicted in 2013 of … Crack Cocaine History – Yahoo News Search Results

New allegations surface on Rob Ford’s friend Sandro Lisi
Mayor Rob Ford's friend and occasional driver Sandro Lisi has a long history of threatening women, according to newly-obtained court documents. Crack Cocaine History – Yahoo News Search Results

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