'Crack Baby' Development Issues Not Side-Effect of Drug, but Poverty

'Crack baby' development issues not side-effect of drug, but poverty
A 25-year study that followed babies born to crack cocaine addicted mothers found that the children were slow to develop. What surprised the researchers was that the determining factor wasn't crack cocaine. It was poverty.  Crack Cocaine Side Effects – Yahoo! News Search Results

Cocaine use: Will the factors behind its steady decline continue?
Cocaine use and a host of problems associated with the drug have been declining steadily in the United States in recent years – with at least a 40 percent drop in people using cocaine since 2006. Crack Cocaine Side Effects – Yahoo! News Search Results

Sniffing out the internet drug barons
On the beat with the British arm of Operation Pangea, an initiative that has seized £6.5m worth of illegal medicines On a drizzly north London street last week, two police officers and three investigators from the medicines regulatory agency began ringing doorbells on a large redbrick Victorian house. This was a drugs bust – albeit a good-mannered one. The investigators were not after crack … Crack Cocaine Side Effects – Yahoo! News Search Results

Pete Doherty plans 2nd stint at Thai rehab
British rocker Pete Doherty, apparently inspired by Macaulay Culkin, is planning a second stint at a rehab clinic in Thailand after failing to quit drugs during his first stay there last year. The former Libertines frontman revealed that he has managed to cut back on smoking crack cocaine, but he is still suffering from addiction problems and wants to return to the Thai clinic end of this year … Crack Cocaine Side Effects – Yahoo! News Search Results

Bookviews – August 2013
Jourgensen, with Jon Wiederhorn, recounts his rise to infamy within the tumultuous ranks of the rock industry amidst the non-stop use of heroin, cocaine, crack and booze, along of course with the groupies. This is a cautionary autobiography in which he … Read more on NewsReleaseWire.com (press release)

Naheed Nenshi for mayor — of everywhere
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is still struggling with the fallout from those allegations of crack cocaine use — just the latest item in his long list of blunders. Without listing them all (who's got time?) I'll just mention my favourite: Emptying two city … Read more on iPolitics.ca (subscription)

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