?? Can You Check My Japan Language Translations?

Question by Debbie D: ?? can you check my japan language translations?
Can you check the translation on these words Please.
Thank you in advance

?? (weather)?

?? (chat) – like internet chat?

?? (quotation) – how is this used

?? (crack) – crack like crack cocaine or game crack or crack in the wall?

???? (blank) like blank cd? – period of time without?

??t (fraud) – ?

???? (area code) – like telephone area code?

??? (astrology) ?

??? (operator) – phone operator? – driver like hardware driver?

?? (mortgage) – like the loan?

Best answer:

Answer by Dreams
I answered you on the other one. ^^;; I’m not sure which one you’ll check, so…

?? is correct for ‘weather’, but ?? is more popular.

‘Chat’ (like, internet chat) is most commonly ????.

?? = quote/quotation, citation, etc. It’s a noun.
“That’s a funny [quote].”
?????? [??] ??

?? = crack, like a crack in a cup, an egg, the wall, your skin, chapped lips, etc.

???? = blank, like blank videotape, blank line, etc. It’s sometimes hard to pin down a meaning for katakana words – since they’re borrowed from other languages, they can be used elastically.

?? = yes, fraud

???? = yes, area code

??? = yes, astrology

??? = operator, in the sense of driver. Someone who drives a car or a truck or large machinery, etc.

?? = yes, mortgage

Sorry, can’t help you with the other languages. 🙂 Feel free to email me through my profile if you have other Japanese questions.