10 Most Popular Drug Slang Terms of 2010

Slang terms for illegal drugs can downplay the possible lethal side effects that they may have on an individual. These innocent sounding terms make it easier to lure younger children into using or buying illegal substances.

These are some of the most popular drug slang terms in 2010:

1. Cheese
Cheese is a mixture of heroin and Tylenol, and is a drug being marketed to the younger crowd. This low-grade heroin is very cheap. It can be purchased at for one tenth of a gram, or one hit.

2. Strawberry Quick
Strawberry Quick is methamphetamine, commonly known as meth, which is mixed with a fruity flavor and color. It is named after the Nesquik that it resembles. This drug is very popular with young users because the drug’s chemical taste is not so obvious. Strawberry Quick is relatively cheap, although it is more expensive than cheese.

3. Blueberries
Blueberries refer to Adderall, something commonly prescribed for people with attention deficit disorder. This drug is known to increase a person’s energy while decreasing his or her appetite. Teenage girls, in particular, take this type of medication in order to lose weight. Blueberry can also be a slang term for marijuana with a small tint of blue.

4. Molly
Molly is a concentrated or more intense form of ecstasy. It is often sold in gelatin capsule form. Oftentimes, this drug can be purchased with an image of hearts, smiley faces and cartoons on the capsule. It also comes in several different colors. Although this form of drug appears harmless, Molly can cause a person to experience hallucinations, as well experience the other side effects of ecstasy.

Other common slang terms for ecstasy include Smartees, Scooby snacks, candies and egg rolls.

5. Eggs
Eggs refer to Temazepam, which is medication prescribed for people with insomnia. It used to be available in gel form, which the younger crowd would melt and inject. Eggs are known to cause hypnotic effects.

6. French Fries
French Fries refer to a small pill commonly known as Xanax. This form of medication is often prescribed for anxiety. It can be crushed, taken in pill form, or added to water. Some teenagers who abuse this prescription drug also choose to water it down then use a hypodermic needle to shoot up, or even snort Xanax.

7. Cornbread
Another term for crack cocaine is cornbread. This is because like cornbread, it only takes a few ingredients and a little time to turn cocaine into crack cocaine. In most cases, this drug is smoked and not sniffed.

8. Butter Sandwich
A butter sandwich is a slang drug term for cocaine. This term for the illegal substance is especially used in the Philadelphia area. Other common slang terms for cocaine include Pepsi, hamburger, cola and Chinese sky candy.

9. Skittles
Skittles is actually Dextromethorphan, which is a cold medication ingredient that can be purchased over the counter. This comes in the form of a little red tablet similar to the popular candy it is named after.

10. Tic Tacs
Tic Tacs refer to Ambien, which is an extremely popular sleeping aid. Teenagers who take Tic Tacs aren’t consuming candy, but are actually taking five to 10 mg of Ambien at a time.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with popular drug slang terms such as these. Parents especially, must watch out for signs and terms such as these in order to prevent their children from addiction or abuse.

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