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Crack Cocaine Addiction: A new weapon in drug war – Bucyrus Telegraph Forum

A new weapon in drug war
Bucyrus Telegraph Forum
I stopped playing sports and eventually dropped out of school. By the time I was 18, I was using cocaine," Kiess said. Kiess also started using pills such as oxycotin, which soon led to heroin addiction. "Heroin is so addicting, much more than any

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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Felix Dennis Interview – Author; How to Get Rich

Felix Dennis has a lot of everything. He has a lot of money (so much, in fact, he can’t count it, but let’s say £700M, give or take the odd £50M), from a lot of publications (more than 50 magazines and websites in UK and America), earned over the last 30 years with a lot of backstory (the crack cocaine addiction isn’t the interesting bit, it’s the fact he got himself off it, cold turkey, on his own, in 6 weeks, flat).
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