Ace Hotel Founder, Alexander Calderwood, Was Found Dead With Make-Shift

Ace Hotel founder, Alexander Calderwood, was found dead with make-shift
'There was no evidence of assault or injury and no needle marks caused by intravenous drug abuse. 'There was no evidence of any natural disease that might have contributed to his death. Mr Calderwood, who … DS Paul Ridley, who carried out the police … Read more on Daily Mail

Pensioner jailed for six years after £129000 of crack cocaine and heroin
She was found guilty by a jury of three separate charges of possession with intent to supply relating to heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.Beard, whose shoulder length grey hair was dishevelled, appeared frail and shook visibly today as she was jailed … Read more on WalesOnline

Nineteen People Indicted for Conspiracy to Traffic Heroin, Crack Cocaine, and
The indictment details a two-year conspiracy in which heroin, crack cocaine, Percocet, Ritalin, Xanaxm and Vicodin were brought from Detroit and Fort Wayne, Indiana to Marion, where the drugs were sold to dozens of people, including juveniles. Indicted … Read more on Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release)