Addiction Isn't “Fun”: The Problem With Moderation Manifestoes

Addiction isn't “fun”: The problem with moderation manifestoes
Let me recap: Schleger writes of crack use that spans 15 years, including weekends lost to binges, out-of-control spending and “deleterious consequences” but nonetheless advocates for a middle ground of moderate use. Berkowitz similarly writes that … Read more on Salon

Fifteen Years Smoking Crack Life in the middle ground between total abstinence
That being said, there isn't anything ennobling about going on a crack binge (or, for that matter, waking up with a hangover from one drug that is inarguably more toxic than cocaine—alcohol). But more people need to understand that addiction can be a … Read more on The Slatest

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Lamar Odom has reportedly been missing for over 72 hours and is on a crack cocaine binge…