Alley Boy Reflects on Prison Time & Drawing Inspiration From DMX

Alley Boy Reflects On Prison Time & Drawing Inspiration From DMX
It's a face with tattooed tears, and from it come tales of prison stints and family members addicted to crack cocaine. So while the eyewitness accounts, brutal honesty and vivid detail make Alley Boy's … But it was a real drug spot, and it was one of … Read more on HipHopDX

Gabrielle Giffords Goes to a Gun Show
Just because you couch a right in scary words, doesn't make it scary, some may find your lack of spine to be prepared to defend your country a bit traitorous, as, you are probably part of the militia, as defined by law, and you SHOULD posess the … Read more on TIME

Society is Coarser—but Better
2) Improved law enforcement strategies via computer analysis and innovative technology. 3) The crack cocaine epidemic that soared from 1984 to 1990 has begun to wane. 4) We're getting older; the fastest-growing segment of the US population are past the … Read more on TIME