Am I Being a Total Jerk for Asking My Friends This Question on Facebook?

Question by The Groove: Am I being a total jerk for asking my friends this question on Facebook?
This was the question I was asking to them on Facebook

“Is it just me or is getting love and respect from people getting harder to come by in this day and age? I’ve been noticing that people don’t seem to be as kind and loving towards certain types of people, plus they seem to be nicer towards those who are well off in life than those who aren’t and I personally don’t like it

I also noticed that whenever a highly sophisticated, wealthy person is being nice, loving and friendly towards people people see it as if they’re the King/Queen donating lots of money to charity BUT whenever I’m being nice, loving and friendly towards people they see it as if I’m a crackhead breaking into someone’s house and stealing money or valuables from their house and selling them for crack cocaine and I don’t like that at all.”

Best answer:

Answer by LARA, age 82
It’s just you

Answer by Jamie
Very true…
Not all the time, but unfortunately most of the time!

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