Am I What’s Called a Paleoconservative?

Question by Francesca: Am I what’s called a Paleoconservative?
I believe in a free market economy with as little government regulation as possible. I want lower taxes, I’m against all forms of corporate welfare, I vehemently oppose Obamacare, and I don’t want to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. I want to phase them out and let the states come up with their own plans for the poor, the elderly, and the retired.
I’m against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and I think we should close our military bases, end ALL foreign aid, and adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy. We should permanently withdraw from and defund the UN, as well as NATO, and all other entangling alliances. We should use our military to defend our OWN borders, rather than the borders of other countries.
We must end all benefits to illegals and deport those who are discovered! English should be declared the official language of this country and immigrants should be required to learn it.
I think the government should protect our culture, Christian heritage, and traditional family values. We should keep “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance, keep Christian symbols on public buildings, allow prayer in public schools for individual states that desire it, and make it illegal to burn the flag. Abortion and prostitution should outlawed throughout the county and I support the death penalty.
I believe that the government should not recognize any marriage and that we should only have civil unions for both gays and straights.
I support the legalization of marijuana, but not heroin, cocaine, or crack. These drugs come into our country as a direct result of our weak border security and if we actually secured our border and stopped military expansion, it probably wouldn’t be so expensive to keep these drugs illegal.
I’m an avid proponent of second amendment rights and I hate restrictions on gun ownership.
Our policies must reflect the intentions of the Founding Fathers as much as possible.
As a strong supporter of states’ rights, I think states should be allowed to regulate gambling, pornography, sodomy, school curriculum, etc., The Supreme Court has usurped way too much power from the states and I would like to have many of their rulings overturned.

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Answer by Jim Rooks
you’re a “Rockerfeller” Republican. I think that would make you a paleo-con

Answer by The Libertarian
Yes you are. Paleoconservatism is just one step away from LIbertarianism. But you are headed in the right direction.