Are There Any Criticisms of the Movie “Traffic”?

Question by JDH.: Are there any criticisms of the movie “Traffic”?
I don’t know how accurate or inaccurate the 2000 movie “Traffic” is. Does anyone personally have any criticism of the movie? Anything you thought misrepresented the truth? Anything that you know to be factually inaccurate? Anything you feel would be misleading to someone who didn’t know any better?

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Answer by taximomuv3
It was a great movie – many good lessons can be learned from it.

Answer by short3gears
Yes!!! It was too short!

Actually, it is VERY real in a lot of respects as to the technical details of smuggling and the people involved in smuggling. I worked w/law enforcement in 92 in California (I was aircrew on a border guard AF c-130 for a while) and heard a lot of stories… Plus lived in LA… The politics (war on drugs) are RIGHT ON as well!

I have watched it a number of times… haven’t seen anything that stood out as false… would like to hear from others if they found anything inaccurate as well!