Aren’t Criminals Competing for Illegal Profits the Source of Much “Drug Violence”, Not the Drugs Themselves?

Question by Welcome to Amerika Mr. 0rwell !!: Aren’t criminals competing for illegal profits the source of much “drug violence”, not the drugs themselves?
Since all the most popular drugs are illegal (weed, cocaine, crack, etc.) that means only criminals can make money selling them.

Well these criminal organizations (gangs, cartels) compete with each other for market share. Except in the black market you can simply kill the competition.

So isn’t the drug war CREATING the violence that those who are against legalization fear would increase if drugs were legal?? When in fact legalization would result in LESS violence (ie Amsterdam), and probably fewer users too (Amsterdam)…

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Answer by Joan S
all of it is a source of “drug violence”… competition for territory, sources and buyers, the fallout from drug users, broken families, etc.

Answer by Mrs.. Con’s mediciny look
Many of them are not really drug dealers they are known as thugs in gangs who go around doing whatever they can for money. I live close to the border the last time I crossed the border there were families under the bridge asking for you to throw them a nickle. The economy is quite bad and selling drugs is just one means to and end. And mind you this was when Bush was president.

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