Aristocrat Jailed for Attacking Wife During Rows Over Drug-Taking

Aristocrat jailed for attacking wife during rows over drug-taking
She needed hospital treatment last year from two attacks after she argued with her husband because he took in front of his youngest daughter. Bristol heard that Lady Caroline moved out of the Badminton estate three years ago … Read more on The Independent

Calling all coke dealers: Welsh government will test your Class A drugs for FREE!
… will test your Class A drugs for FREE! A NEW Government funded service set up to let people check the chemicals in their legal highs is being exploited by drug dealers wanting quality assurance for illegal crack and crack cocaine, it was claimed today. Read more on

INVESTIGATION: How London dealers are 'commuting' to Cambridge in drugs
dealers are flocking to Cambridge to cash in on the high prices for heroin and crack cocaine, a News investigation has found. Pushers are commuting from the capital to sell drugs on the city streets to desperate addicts willing to pay extra … Read more on