Avoiding Cocaine Addiction: Sons of Addicted Fathers Less Likely to Be

Avoiding Cocaine Addiction: Sons Of Addicted Fathers Less Likely To Be
In the animal model, repeated cocaine use by male offspring failed to evince the same brain response seen in their coke-addicted fathers. Rather, the animals appeared inured to the addictive effect of cocaine, with no remodeling of the brain to … Read more on Medical Daily

Policies From 90s Led to High Numbers of Incarceration
Pawasarat says the numbers started to rise, soon after crack cocaine hit the streets of Milwaukee's central city. … “With that in mind Mr. Oglesby, it is the order of the court that you serve six months at the Milwaukee County House of Correction … Read more on WUWM

ADHD Fakers Hankering for Pills Thwarted by Lie Detectors
The drugs, known to act on the brain in the same way as cocaine, can raise blood pressure and heart rate and lead to feelings of hostility and paranoia. Not everyone is convinced that Quotient and similar devices will have much impact on diagnosis … Read more on Bloomberg