BC Drug Dealer Found Guilty in Violent Assault on Girlfriend

BC drug dealer found guilty in violent assault on girlfriend
Thomson told the court that Doyle paid a crack addict drugs in exchange for a sawed-off shotgun that he would store in the dishwasher of their third-floor apartment. It was this gun that Doyle used to beat Thomson on two separate occasions, … He also … Read more on Vancouver Sun

Soft drinks may erode teeth as badly as drugs
Extreme damage to your teeth is expected from abuse of illegal drugs like methamphetamine or crack cocaine. However, there is another substance out there that even the most innocent child uses and it can cause just as much damage: soft drinks. "We see … Read more on WDAM-TV

Why Obama Has To Get Mad About His Broken Obamacare Websites
MS: They are Obamacare' s "broken websites", so let's be clear about this: It's a software problem, not an Obamacare problem. Also, given that you're a shill for Teh Crazy, it makes sense that you think he should froth at the mouth. …. @RobertKosta … Read more on TIME