Being Sentenced in Federal Court, How Much Time Does a Point Equal to When Reducing Your Sentence?

Question by Nikki: Being sentenced in federal court, how much time does a point equal to when reducing your sentence?
My boyfriend is being federally charged with crack cocaine posession. We are doing everything we can to get his sentence reduced, but his time is calculated on a point system. Several points have been taken off of his snetence but I’m really not sure how much time one point is worth.

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Answer by KC V
First…the Federal laws concerning drug offenses do NOT involve “MINOR” violations or offenses. To take a case “federally” one must have an extensive involvement in the drug enterprise.

So, if your boyfriend is “playing” you with this song and dance about how he’s the “victim” … think twice about his honesty!

Secondly, because the federal laws are vast and complicated…the best thing for you to do would either be refer to the “Federal Sentencing Guideline” of which I’ve included a link to assist you or contact the US Attorney’s Office within your nearest location to obtain up-to-date information.

They basically consider MANY facts and circumstances. One issue alone deals with the “admittance of guilt” which can reduce “assessed points” tremedously.

As an example, Mister “X” commits a violation by carrying a handgun as a convicted felon…if he admits guilt he MAY have a sentence reduction from a mandatory 5 years to a shorter sentence.

Go to the website provided for more info!

Best wishes!

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