Bob McClure Jury Duty Proves Interesting for Newspaper Editor

Bob McClure Jury duty proves interesting for newspaper editor
After we all filled out a brief questionnaire, the waiting continued. About a … The jury of three men and three women was there to hear a felony case against a young Clearwater man charged with sale and possession of crack cocaine. The state's case … Read more on Tampa Bay Newspapers

Bath Time
The Atlantic Wire's Connor Simmons lures a reader in with this lede: “The crack-smoking, hard drinking, drunk-driving, allegedly pill-popping, allegedly coke-snorting, allegedly hooker-cavorting Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, has dreams of one day running … Read more on Daily Caller

Health care website improved; mall gunman's brother speaks; Toronto mayor
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford today admitted smoking crack cocaine while he was drunk, yet his approval ratings have increased despite the scandal. (BBC News). Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Jerusalem today to try and revive peace negotiations … Read more on Plain Dealer