Brazil Sees Spread of Amazon ‘Crack Cocaine’ Oxi – BBC

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Brazil sees spread of Amazon ‘crack cocaine’ oxi – BBC
They are users of oxi – a dirtier and more devastating version of crack cocaine. The drug has taken hold in towns … He said he had sold everything he had had and started dealing drugs to pay his addiction. “I lost my family. My wife left me, my children …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Addictive ‘oxi’ narcotic crisis hits Brazil – Irish Times
Unlike laboratory-refined powdered cocaine and its derivative crack, it requires little expertise to make oxi. Of even more concern, it is far cheaper to produce than crack making it a more attractive drug for addicts at just a fifth of the price per hit.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Retroactive Reductions Sought in Crack Penalties – New York Times
… charged debate over severe mandatory minimum penalties for crack cocaine offenses enacted by Congress during the crack epidemic in the 1980s, amid a crime wave fueled by addicts and rival drug traffickers. Under those laws, a drug dealer selling crack …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: U.S. Attorney General: New Law Will Give Crack Cocaine Offenders A Break – Wiredpr News
I do think cocaine and crack cocaine offenders should serve the same time, but I also believe they should have to go through a mandatory rehab program before leaving jail. Just throwing these drug addicts in jail isn’t helping the real problem …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Crack Cocaine Addiction – Crack Drug Rehab your guide to everything you need to know about crack and how to treat its addiction
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Pompano Beach serial burglar arrested
POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Police have arrested a man who has burglarized several South Florida businesses. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, a deputy drove past a man riding his bicycle full of blood. They then asked the man to stop.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: ‘Crazed crack addict’ gets two years in the slammer
A man described as a “crazed crack addict” by a Belleville provincial court judge was sentenced to two years in prison on Wednesday after he was convicted for a series of thefts.[…]
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