Cameras Help Catch Two Murder Suspects

Security camera system an are extremely important tool for fighting and solving crimes. The police can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes surveillance cameras are the only witness to a crime, even when they aren’t the only witness they are almost always the most accurate.

Police were called to the the scene of a shooting in residential neighborhood in Orlando early on a Saturday morning. They arrived to find a homeless man lying in a pool of blood, obviously he’d been shot. The police immediately had the man rushed to the hospital, but ultimately died from the gun shot wound. After some investigating, the detectives were to discern that two men were involved in the shooting which appeared to be the result of drug deal gone bad. Eye witnesses were able to give a description of the passenger in the getaway vehicle and city owned and operated cameras were able to help identify the driver and vehicle.

According to the police reports that were released the two men and one of their girlfriends checked in to a motel that was close to the shooting on Friday night. Once inside their room, all three began to smoke crack cocaine and drink alcohol. When they ran out of crack, the two men jumped in to an SUV and drove a couple miles to get more. On the way to purchase drugs, the man who was driving handed a hand gun that he’d previously stolen from his father to the passenger who was supposed to be the one to actually do the deal. When they arrived at the location of the deal, the passenger jumped out of the truck to meet his contact. After a brief interaction between these two men, the buyer pulled the gun out and shot the victim once and hurried back in to the truck, which then sped away. When they arrived back at the motel they told the girlfriend that they had robbed a man and fired a shot in the air, and the driver later sold the pistol for ten dollars in cash and sixty dollars worth of crack cocaine.

Because the eye witnesses and the surveillance cameras were able to identify both men and the vehicle, the police were quickly on the trail and apprehended the two men less then four days after the shooting. This neighborhood was once one of Orlando’s most crime ridden neighborhood, but after the installation of the cities cameras this was one of two murders in the previous nineteen months leading up to this incident. Both men are being held without bond in the Orange County jail.

John Schmon is an expert on security cameras and security camera systems.

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