Can Drugs Damage Your Physical or Mental Health Even if You Do Them Just Once?

Question by Marc: Can drugs damage your physical or mental health even if you do them just once?
my brother used alot of drugs like cocaine speed etc and it gave him problems like neurosis panick attack,high also(im not sure) and feeling like he was high without taking anything and other stuff im not sure about and he told me never to do those drugs not even once because it will make my mental health even worse

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Answer by Chris
depends what drug if it is a weaker drug like Marijuana it can not really do much damage but that does not mean it is good for you

Answer by Jennifer
Yes, some hallucinogens can have a lasting impact.

Everything you do will have an effect good or bad, and it’s always advisable to do things in moderation and not feel pushed into doing anythign you dont want to.

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