Can You Help? I’ve Never Understood These Things.?

Question by mnky_jj: Can you help? I’ve never understood these things.?
Ok folks, I’m not trying to sound racist nor am I a bigit, I am just curious about a few things. One, why is it when black people talk they say “I be” or “I is?” Not all speak like this I know, but the majority of African Americans I’ve come across do. Also, why do male blacks in the company of friends or women feel the need to be obnoxious and or fake? And why do African Americans spend $ 3500 dollars on a set of tires and rims yet drive a vehecle that’s are worth $ 2000 dollars and live in low income housing? (Not all are this way, let me get t his clear, but most that I have come across are) Why do black people take so long in the drive thru? I’ve never understood this? Why don’t most black males make good eye contact when speaking to them? If the word n i g g e r is considered offensive to blacks why do they call each other this? If this offends some I do apologize, take it how you must, I just would like to know these things.

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Answer by mel
I think your being anal people are people we are all different.

I don’t think you want to go there.

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