Children Taking Cocaine to Sleep?

Question by All other Stuff: Children taking Cocaine to sleep?
Does taking cocaine “every now and then” have an negative affect on the body and brain? I was reading where taking hard drugs like coke and heroin can stunt a person’s emotional growth. I know a guy who cited he started using coke at the age of 13, he is now 23 and still using. He says that the drug hasn’t made him “retarded” or anything, but that it does raise his heart rate, and he has developed this twitch with his mouth due to his cocaine use. He says he isn’t addicted and uses coke frequently because, it makes him feel “powerful,” it makes him feel like he can do anything in the world when he is using it. He also says that cocaine is one of the “safest” drugs out of all the other hard drugs one can take like meth, black tar heroin and crack cocaine.

What do you guys think about this? I do notice that those individuals who started drinking or taking drugs in they’re teens seem to act that age even though they are adults in they’re 20’s.

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if they are just taking it, then no.If they are doing it, then yes.

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