CIA/Government Behind Cocaine/drugs for Keeping Population in Control.?

Question by phloem: CIA/Government behind cocaine/drugs for keeping population in control.?
When discussing racial issues with a black friend, he stated that he believed the CIA/Government was behind the surge in crack/cocaine/etc after the Civil Rights movements. He said the government/CIA was trying to keep the population in the slums and keep them under control. I’m currently researching this, your opinions?
But was the CIA/Government have the intention of wanting to use the cocaine/drugs DIRECTLY to control the young black population?

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Answer by Ben D
Well we did give billions of dollars to the contras who did help flood this country with cocain

Answer by Voxygen8
Yes. For a while, as part of a communist fighting strategy overseas, the US encouraged production of narcotics in areas such as SE Asia. These drugs were lifted by a CIA front company called Air America (amongst others) and flown to Taiwan for refining into value added drugs. The profits of the refining accrued to the benefit of the Kuomintang (KMT) anti-communist/Chinese nationalist leadership of Taiwan. Thereafter, some of these drugs made it further down the distribution channels to US consumers.

As mentioned above, the primary aim of this program was to suppress the spread of Marxism overseas, not keep blacks under control. The CIA was clearly indifferent to the plight of the junkies supplied by their trade, wherever and whomever they were. Plenty of white/Asian/you name it junkies in the West.

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