Citizen Rebel Rants – Ronald Reagan’s Crack America

Citizen Rebel Rants – Ronald Reagan’s Crack America
So the students in the US protest all around the country and pressure congress to tell CIA director Bush and President Reagan to stop funding illegal wars in…

Canadian arrested in alleged scam that would have used contest 'winners' as
Russian police arrest surgeon they say took some of the heroin he extracted from drug mule's stomach · Drug mules posing as Venezuelan Olympians arrested in Argentina · Drug mule caught with crack cocaine in rectum banished from Windsor. A 38-year-old … Read more on National Post

Bison Dele to Jerry 'The King' Lawler: Journey down the rabbit hole
Cousins Brian and Mark Gunn (whose only major writing credit includes an untitled sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth) have had a crack at a script, but Paramount is apparently keen to see what a new writer can come up with. A brainchild of … Read more on