City Pushes for Ban on Drug Paraphernalia

City pushes for ban on drug paraphernalia
At a meeting on Tuesday, Communities Against Substance Abuse asked the City Commission to prohibit the sale of drug paraphernalia such as pipes used to smoke drugs such as marijuana, crack cocaine and methamphetamine within city limits. Some … Read more on Valley morning Star

Halolinks: Angels can't figure out Seattle
In yesterday's Halolinks I mentioned that the season would possibly be turning around because my brain had been injected with winning neurons (or whatever molecular things that cause emotion), and now this morning my brain has been overcome with … Read more on Halo’s Heaven

For 500, The Bird Is The Word
If you can't wait for that winged avenger, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ford Falcon may just have to suffice, that is if its price is sufficiently super. Well, very obviously … In this case, that's a much later fuel-injected 5.0 and a T-5 gearbox … Read more on Jalopnik