Cocaine Makes You Vulnerable to HIV, but Marijuana Can Help

Cocaine Makes You Vulnerable to HIV, But Marijuana Can Help
Crack cocaine has also been linked to acceleration of the CD4 count, with the potential to progress to full-blown AIDS. UCLA's results come on the heels of another study at UC … Aggarwal also referred to research by Dr. Donald Abrams, the leading … Read more on

Breaking Brad: 9-year-old takes on TSA … and wins!
I'll tell you one thing: No 7-year-olds are getting past our crack airport security. That is not happening. … An estimated 1.3 tons of cocaine was found on a commercial airline flight inside 30 suitcases, with a street value of $ 270 million … Read more on Omaha World-Herald

Police mount operation in Harlow to crack down on crime and improve road safety
Three people were arrested on suspicion of importing drugs, for not wearing a seatbelt, failing to attend court and for non-payment of a ¬£1,500 fine, and on suspicion of assault. Four vehicles were seized for having no insurance, two drivers were found … Read more on Harlow Star

Cocaine Commercial

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