Concrete Jungle-“View From the Stroll” Prostitution in Downtown Toronto

I am going to start where I turned my first trick, innocent and unexpecting.

I had been in toronto for about 3 months.  I had travelled there because the methadone waiting list in Thunder Bay, ON was far too long, and I was ready to clean my life up-or so I planned at the time.  Luckily, I was able to get on the methadone program right away.  I was also very lucky to have a place to stay right downtown Toronto.  I had been talking to “Jim” on the internet and he asked me to move in. Jim and I were having alot of fun exploring, and getting to know eachother.  I landed this great little job for the Toronto Star, and life was really looking up.  In my past drugs had always presented a problem for me, and it was so very refreshing to be spending time with someone who was drug free.  It was also nice to be engaging in drug free activities.  It was amazing to me that being clean could be so much fun.  Toronto has so much to offer, we were going to movies…and shopping in Kensington market…and swimming at Toronto University…and enjoying the variety of cuisine…life was almost easy, for a minute.  I knew that my happiness wouldn’t last, my addictive tendancies would destroy yet another chance at clean and sober happiness…it was only a matter of time.

After working an amazingly worthless shift, I left work feeling bored and restless.  Trouble found me in no time.  Coffee Time coffee shop on Queen and Dundas, I had passed it a million times before but never had it looked so electric. Standing tall and cool in the entraceway, I met Juice.  6’5 feet of chocolate slendor and absolutly appealing to me.  Juice must have banked on my mood, he was fast.  Delivered his invite smooth and easy, and we were off.

Back at his apartment,  the sexual energy was maxed.  He pulled out a clear bag with crack cocaine inside and says “smoke some baby, it will make you feel so good.  As the sweet smoke escaped my lips a wave of euphoria washes over me like nothing i had ever felt before.  Then he was cuming, he had had his piece of me.

As if it were a dream, it was over.  Handing me a small plastic bag he says “Here baby, you earned this…just go out the same way we came in.  “Make some money, and come back and see me…ill fix you up.”  I make my way out- no plans, no home, no money.  I feel  like a  line has been crossed…like i have gone somewhere that I cannot come back from. 

33 year old single mother of 3 girls…my writing is raw, real, and honest…I have a passion for words, and a story to tell

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