Cops Jail Two Major Dealers but Days Later Hoods Takes Over Cocaine Business in Shadow of Police HQ – Daily Record

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Cops jail two major dealers but days later hoods takes over cocaine business in shadow of police HQ – Daily Record
Desperate crack addicts can spend up to £300 a day to feed their habit … Last year, the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency seized 60kg of cocaine compared with 20.5kg of heroin. But police privately acknowledge they are lucky if they seize …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Cheriton man gets jail for cashing forged checks – Delaware Wave
Abraham said he stole checks from his mother, cashed them at Food Lion and then walked along the railroad track to Bayview and Cheriton, where he bought marijuana and crack cocaine. “I had a really bad addiction,” he told the court from the witness stand.
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