Could Drugs Make a Guy Confess His True Emotions?

Question by jennifer wow jwow: could drugs make a guy confess his true emotions?
long story short, good male friend of 6 months tells me he likes me. he travels all the way to my college (3.5 hrs away) to tell me and say’s he regrets not telling me sooner. we chill a couple of times and he has a drug problem all along. recently he relapses on some drug and is going through much problems in addition to the drug thing. we barely see eachother and talk on the phone. 2 weeks ago he calls me and says: “look i know we had this thing going on a couple of weeks ago, but i don’t think we should continue to see eachother” he says that his life is currently a mess especially with drugs being the main reason. i’m so confused: why would he bother telling me that he liked me in the first place? he knew he had a drug problem and he knew it would be a long distance relationship….so what was the point of telling me? do you guys think he still has feelings for me? and you think that he will make an effort to avoid me and not even want to see me as a friend (i’m the one who suggested being friends with him). I REALLY care about this boy and he probably did me a favor by letting me go but at the same time, it pains me because he had to go ahead and admit to liking me….WHY? why would he bother saying something in the first place and not want a relationship…was it the drugs that MADE him say it? and do you guys think that he has another girl (could that be another one of his MAIN reasons…and could he just randomly loose interest in me?)

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Answer by deepseadiver1288
Not unless it was sodium pentothal.

The only recreational drugs that would cause any kind of “truth telling” effects would be something that would make them incredibly nervous or anxious, maybe crack cocaine, or regular cocaine.

Answer by Shadow
ditto the sodium penta. answer.

additionally, guys figure out pretty darn quick that girls have a “need” to FIX their guys, it makes them (the girls) feel needed. I suspect that you might just be, being played. He is trying to “set the hook”. Do yourself a favor and find yourself a new decent guy (and one who is clean and might trying to play head games with you!)

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