Crack Cocaine Abuse and Acquisition Among Impoverished African American

Crack cocaine abuse and acquisition among impoverished African American
Race, class and gender all shape the pattern of crack among impoverished African American women. Race is a factor in this case because racial minorities generally live in areas where crack cocaine is more widely used and available than it … Read more on Social Justice Solutions

The Death of , My Generation's One-Person Shock Doctrine
Len Bias was the kid from Landover who never left Prince George's County, one of the most vital majority African-American regions in the country. PG County is the only … It might be hard for people under 25 to even understand our ignorance and fear … Read more on The Nation. (blog)

Young and black and dealing crack
Young and black and dealing crack. BY DWIGHT HOBBES. A key component to the plague of crack cocaine is a complicated one. Black teens and , by far mostly male, are on a conveyor belt to incarceration. Because they are black and because … Read more on Southside Pride

Toronto Ford: a reminder that even white people smoke crack
He is also an addict, and what drug he is addicted to shouldn't matter. In the media, there was a mocking smugness directed towards him because he used crack. Crack is a poor person's drug. It is associated with African-Americans. It is perceived as … Read more on The Guardian