Crack Cocaine Abuse — Why They Lie; What Is Crack Delusion?

by tychay

Crack abusers create turbulence and chaos into families with their crack abuse. Crack delusion upsets and can wreck countless family lives. How can one sort out the truth from the crack lies?

Crack Cocaine abusers are caught between three worlds: 1. Their own illusions or beliefs of what they want to see; 2. Delusions brought on by abusing crack; 3. Real or agreed upon life in society.

How are you going to discover which world they are operating in while they are abusing crack? This is a confusion I hope to help you clear up.

What Is Creativity:

At any one time, a person is creating their life. Through their dreams and desires of what they want to accomplish or their intents, people create their relationships, attitudes and beliefs. Creative individuals are wonderful to be with as they add to life’s experience in positive ways. The way of the artist is manifesting in how much creativity people put into everyday activities.

What Is Delusion:

Delusion and illusion can be confused easily by a crack abuser as well as by non-drug users. Delusion is what others or other things put into your own world without your natural consent or natural power. More so, delusion is a reality not created by self and not seen or experienced by the majority of other people. Delusion is a fake experience.

Example of delusion: crack abuser has just stolen a car to go out and deal some crack with their dealer. They are fearful and ill. They do some crack. Now they feel fine, like they can handle anything. That’s delusion. In about 5 minutes to half an hour, they will crash and want more crack. Reality starts to interfere with their crack delusion. They smoke more crack. Again, they may feel like they can handle it and are confident. That’s crack delusion. In another 10 minutes they are feeling totally depressed from the crack and now have to run from the law. So they smoke more crack.

Delusion can also be another disbelieving everything you’ve accomplished, even though your achievements are real. Their disbelief of you, is a delusion. If you permit it into your life, that delusion can ruin your capabilities to create.

What Is Reality:

Reality is what everyone agrees to be true. The best example of reality is the physical experience we have. We see trees, cars; feel the air in our face; smell the car fumes; feel the sun. That’s reality, as everyone else with senses working, also knows these things to be real.

Now, what about a crack users’ reality:

Don’t expect the truth to come from a crack abuser all the time, BUT be assured to acknowledge the truth when it is spoken. A family member can expect all manner of ‘stories’ to come out of a crack cocaine user’s mouth. Sorting out delusion from an abusers intelligent creativeness is challenging. However, calling out the truth from delusion is absolutely vital if you want to retain your grip on reality. Notice I said, your grip. Crack abusers create turbulence and chaos into families with their delusion.

Crack abusers willfully and knowingly are working hard to introduce as much delusion into their lives as possible. To achieve a sense of crack ‘wellbeing’, common reality has to be ignored. Sometimes crack abusers just can’t or won’t create their own illusions and work to make those real. They get lazy and do crack to pretend they already have their dreams, this is crack delusion. This is true of even top flight executives and professionals. They are falling short somewhere in their dreams.

Getting people off of crack and creating true dreams and building their own lives, not crack delusion is one way to finally stop the lying. Some believe sobriety is the only way of achieving the truth.

Tibor A. Palatinus CCDC, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Advisor. Author of Drug Rehab Advisor & Detox Facts

Crack Cocaine: Police Dismantle Crack Cocaine Distribution Ring

***DISCLAIMER*** The presence of a person’s image within this video does not necessarily mean that the individual is a party to any criminal activity. In the largest operation of its kind in Palm Beach County history, 450 law enforcement officers from 12 agencies dismantled a crack cocaine distribution ring that has been terrorizing residents in the Heart of Boynton neighborhoods for decades. Sparked by information from residents to members of the Boynton Beach Police Departments Community Action Team, the year-and-a-half long investigation culminated on September 9, 2008, with more than eight dozen federal and state arrest warrants for conspiracy to distribute powder and crack cocaine, distribution of powder and crack cocaine, and sale of cocaine.

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