Crack Cocaine Addiction: Behind Cyber-Sex ‘cure’

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Behind cyber-sex ‘cure’
Rep. Anthony Weiner joins a long list of celebrities mired in sex scandals who cried “rehab” — and experts say he needs it, describing his cyber addiction as the “crack cocaine” of the field. “We call cyber addiction the triple-A engine,” said sex-addiction therapist Joe Kort. “It’s got affordability…
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: There Is No Black San Diego
Evelyn Irving-Jackson’s olive-green Hummer takes up two of the four pint-sized parking spaces in front of the 1100-square-foot Trinity House thrift shop.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011): Godfather of Rap, Poet, Musician, and Uncompromising Artist
share: digg facebook twitter […] he transcended simple categories, forging his own identity and remaining committed to his beliefs and unique sound. […] his untimely death on May 27, 2011, Scott-Heron both inspired and challenged listeners with his brutally truthful words and heart-wrenching honesty about his struggles with alcohol and drugs. Along with college friend, musician Brian Jackson …

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Ohio Sex Offender Accused of Killing 11 Women
The murder trial gets under way Monday for Anthony Sowell, 51, a convicted sex offender and ex-Marine charged with killing the women and hiding their remains in his home and backyard.
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