Crack Cocaine Addiction: Center Offers Freedom From Addiction –

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Center offers freedom from addiction –
“And they can often escape into substance abuse and addiction.” In addition to the rising number … and a larger population of adults addicted to prescription drugs and crack cocaine. David Fogle, 61, has been the executive director of Gastonia …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Drug addiction surges in Dominican Republic – GlobalPost
FRANCISCO DEL ROSARIO SANCHEZ, Dominican Republic — Dominican drug rehab centers are struggling to keep up with a rise in crack and cocaine addiction, a consequence of the country’s decades-long role as a transshipment point in the international drug trade.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Rio de Janeiro’s crack cocaine treatment program controversial – Imperial Valley Press Online
She refused to give her name or any information to the bulky Brazilian social workers and heavily armed police officers who suspected that she was addicted to crack cocaine and living … of child homelessness and drug addiction. But critics say forcing …
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