Crack Cocaine Addiction: Easton Man, on Road to Recovery, Hindered by Inability to Prove He Graduated High School

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Easton man, on road to recovery, hindered by inability to prove he graduated high school
For more than three decades, Larry Wheeler battled a serious drug problem, constantly coming in and out of rehabs and detox due to his addiction to crack cocaine.
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: Drugged-Out Bandit Robs 4 Banks In 24 Hours

Four robberies. 24 hours. One suspect. This man, 28-year old Erik Berger, is behind bars tonight. Police say he hit up four gas stations in less than 24 hours, to feed his crack cocaine addiction. As GTN’s Sia Nyorkor reports, police say Berger was caught, red-handed.

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