Cybersex: The ‘Crack Cocaine’ of the Online Era – Brisbane Times

Crack Cocaine Addiction: Cybersex: the ‘crack cocaine’ of the online era – Brisbane Times
Cybersex has been called the crack cocaine of the addiction. It is also easier to hide and to deny than the more public evidence of drug or alcohol use. But the consequences can be as severe: loss of jobs, damaged health, financial ruin and estrangement …
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: No longer Addicted to Crack – Testimony of Calvin Hunt

Calvin Hunt shares how he was transformed by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. Also an encouraging testimony for families that have a loved one addicted to drugs. Do not give up praying for them!
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Crack Cocaine Addiction: FEATURE – Woes of famous, powerful shine light on sex addiction
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling can destroy lives, but less well known and more controversial is the overwhelming need for sexual satisfaction so intense that psychologists compare it to crack cocaine.
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