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Question by skinny.minnie_x: Drugs query…?
I’m going to sound very naive now, but…

what’s the difference between coke, cocaine, crack, crack cocaine, speed..? Are the all the same drug, or are there differences?

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Answer by Max
Coke is short for “cocaine.” Crack is cocaine that has been processed into a solid form (as opposed to powder) so that it may be smoked. Speed generally refers to amphetamines, like crystal meth, etc.

They are all stimulants and have the same effect on the body. The difference is how they are ingested, how they are obtained, cost, etc.

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Crack Cocaine: Willie Mays Aikens: Safe At Home – Full Nelson

Amy K. Nelson tells the story of former Kansas City Royals first baseman Willie Mays Aikens. In 1980, he became the first player in MLB history to have two multi-home run games in the same World Series. Little did his teammates and fans know, but he was high on cocaine nearly every day during that series. In 1994, he was sentenced to over 20 years in prison for selling crack, due to harsh sentencing and mandatory minimum guidelines. After 14 years, Aikens was released, and his perseverance and triumph is now chronicled in the book Willie Mays Aikens: Safe At Home. Produced by SB Nation Studios Senior Correspondent – Amy K. Nelson Senior Producer – Josh Dodd Director of Photography – Jimmy Shelton Creative Editor – Noah Shulman Second Unit – Stephen P. Greenwood Audio Technician (Field) – Michael Cottrell Audio Technician (Post) – Brendan Murphy Lead Researcher – James Edwards Executive Director | SB Nation – Chad Mumm CEO | SB Nation – Jim Bankoff Special thanks to Willie Mays Aikens, the Kansas City Royals, Gregory Jordan, George Brett, Dennis Leonard, Dayton Moore, Mike Swanson, Kyle Vena, Triumph Books, City of Surprise, AZ, and Google. Footage and images provided by the Kansas City Royals, ABC News, Getty Images, Sports Illustrated, Shutterstock, UPI, AP, Newsday, The Kansas City Star, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Milwaukee Sentinel, The Victoria Advocate, The Spokesman Review, Boca Raton News, Herald-Journal, Lawrence Journal-World, The Bulletin, The

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