Has Anyone Seen the Movie “crash?”?

Question by b00: has anyone seen the movie “crash?”?
well, officer graham, the guy who always promises his mother that he’ll find his brother…

what drug is his mother addicted to? crack? and crack…is that a street name for cocaine..what is crack exactly? meth?
when officer garahm went to visit her, she was sleeping and there was a plate with a needle on it…so would that be crack? or heroine?

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Answer by Jason M
Excellent movie, Sheis addicted to crack cocaine

Answer by Magic Matt
I seem to remember she was addicted to heroin. Her behavior and method of using would indicate that was the drug she was using.

Crack is cocaine that has been cooked with other ingredients (not going to give out the recipe) and turned into a solid “rock” that is usually smoked. It is not Meth, that is a totally different and even worst drug that will kill you if you use it long enough.

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