'I Took to Crack Like a Duck to Water': Danny Dyer's Shock Confession

'I took to crack like a duck to water': Danny Dyer's shock confession
“Crack is like coke times 20. You get a massive rush and you feel like you could take on the world. It's like your blood has been removed and replaced with electricity. “I took to it like a duck to water, which should have been the warning I needed to … Read more on Daily Star

Khloé 'arranged home drug sweep'
Khloé asked the basketball player to leave the marital home after he refused to enter rehab to be treated for his apparent addiction to crack cocaine, Ambien and Oxycontin. Once he had gone, the brunette is said to have hired a team to search the … Read more on Belfast Telegraph

Thomas Barnard trial: Vero Beach man accused of strangling Fort Pierce tax
If convicted, Barnard — who allegedly confessed committing the murder to a former work colleague and to his then live-in girlfriend Michele Lochridge — faces a maximum of life in prison. … 28 and wanted him to buy crack cocaine. Barnard said he … Read more on WPTV

Bræðslan 2012 – Contalgen Funeral – Crack Cocaine

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