Jim Flaherty's Political Future Questioned Due to Income-Splitting Controversy

Jim Flaherty's Political Future Questioned Due To Income-Splitting Controversy
Flaherty has had a number of unusual moments in the last year. In November, after Kenney publicly called on Rob Ford to resign in the wake of his crack cocaine admission, Flaherty angrily confronted him in the House of Commons. According to CBC News … Read more on Huffington Post Canada

Obama Makes But a Gesture Toward Sentencing Reform In US Justice System
This follows the reduction in the disparity of sentences for crack as opposed to powder cocaine from 100 to one to 18 to one. There are a number of reasons for this change … Senator Webb said there were three possible explanations for this: Those … Read more on New York Sun

How the 1920s Woman Dealt with Cat-Calling Men on the Street
… Dealt with Cat-Calling Men on the Street. An anti-flirting movement to crack down on unwanted male attention cropped up in Washington, Chicago, and New York City. … And so do "mashers," men who made their "amorous intentions known in an … Read more on National Journal

Driver of car that caused fatal Vidor wreck given M bond
The ex-girlfriend told police the duo were headed to get food when Roy became aggressive and threatened their lives, according to court documents. Officers at the scene found in the vehicle eight bags of marijuana and one that appeared to be crack … Read more on Beaumont Enterprise