"Life Without Parole Is a Walking Death." the Victims of America's Mandatory

"Life without parole is a walking death." The victims of America's mandatory
Andre has been in Terre Haute for only about a year and a half, but the federal prison system has been his home since 1997, when he was sentenced to life without parole for possession with intent to distribute 114 grams of crack cocaine. He was 24 … Read more on Iranian

Vaughan to Ford: 'Take a good look in the mirror'
Councillor Adam Vaughan says if Mayor Rob Ford doesn't like Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair talking about him then he shouldn't smoke crack cocaine. A fuming Ford dared Blair to arrest him on Thursday and blasted the chief for spending taxpayers' cash … Read more on Toronto Sun

Dealer who shared drugs with undercover police officer is jailed
But after 'inhaling fumes' in the course of his work, he began using his alter ego to buy heroin every day and smoke it with White. In the four months leading up to August 2012 the pair contacted each other … White has now been jailed for four years … Read more on Manchester Evening News