Smoking Glass Pipes- a Traditionally New Way of Smoking

The art of pipe smoking is the oldest form of tobacco use, but this art is often over looked by the modern smokers. In this day and age of instant gratification and fast-paced living, replete with instant coffee and five-minute cigarettes, the smokers generally prefer easy to carry cigarettes and pipes are the products not meant for them. Pipe smoking is a remarkably challenging, yet extremely rewarding hobby for those with patience, and can easily be regarded as the most sophisticated form of smoking.

Pipe smoking has been dated back as early as the Native Americans. The native Americans used to smoke tobacco over some ceremonial occasions. They get the tobacco mixed with several other herbs to enhance its soothing effects. After the Americans, Europeans popularized the calumet smoking pipes. The smoking pipes also formed an integral part of several significant occasions. Later in the 1800, people started using opium in addition to tobacco for smoking. As the time passed other smoking accessories were invented. The latest was the paper cigarettes that quickly got popular among the smokers.

Though the calumet pipes were the traditional forms of smoking but this smoking product has been modified looking at the present times. Glass water pipes are an alternative to a cigarette. A glass water pipe filters out a lot of carcinogens found in a lot of tobacco products. Glass water pipes also cool the smoke so the smoke is less harsh when it enters the throat and lungs. While cigarettes can be an easier and more effective way of smoking tobacco, glass water pipes are a fun and healthy alternative.

To some, smoking is more powerful than eating any of these drugs. Most widely known is crack cocaine. This is highly addictive, especially when smoked through a pipe. Glass Pipes are specially made and sometimes even hand made for the purpose of smoking crack cocaine. The second most popular has highly increased in the amount of users. This drug is called methamphetamine. Previously snorted, smoking methamphetamine decreases nose and nasal irritation. Another highly known and widely smoked drug is marijuana. When not used as a joint, smoking marijuana in a glass water pipe makes the smoke less harsh on the lungs and throat.

Throughout the world, the way that pipe smoking is perceived varies greatly. This not only depends on the people that smoke it but the substance that is being smoked through the pipe. For instance, pipe smoking in the Western World has been viewed as dignified and suited for society. There are even awards given in some nations for pipe smoking.

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