Two Arrested for Drugs

Two arrested for drugs
Police found a large quantity of heroin, crack cocaine, hydrocodone pills, and marijuana, along with a small amount of cash, the release said. Sheriff Steve Kessler says the search warrant was the result of an investigation in the Oak Hill, Glen Jean … Read more on The Fayette Tribune

Crime crackdown transforms town
"I told my guys, 'If you find a seed or a stem in their car, you take them to jail,'” he said. "In Raleigh, Charlotte, in bigger towns, you … Crack cocaine and prescription painkillers are the most common drugs seen in Kenly. "We've seen a lot of … Read more on The Wilson Times (subscription)

Why does Vancouver have a crack pipe vending machine?
Free crack pipes have been a staple at the center for years, but leaders decided to try something new when they couldn't keep up with demand for the pipe's glass stems, which can shatter from the heat of overuse, cut users' mouths, and spread disease … Read more on The Verge

Road rage, child endangerment defendants head to trial
Aside from several needles, police said they also found a crack pipe, a rolled-up $ 20 bill, a spent .357 casing, a booklet for a Mossberg shotgun, a live 12 gauge round, a live 00-buckshot and a live 30-30 round. Police said there was also a marijuana … Read more on The Sentinel