Ulster Has to Stop Living in the Past Says TV Toughguy Ross Kemp

Ulster has to stop living in the past says TV toughguy Ross Kemp
The TV hardman has dodged bullets and confronted gangs around the world as part of his acclaimed documentary series. While people have … Part of the film is to bring it to a wide audience.” The conclusion … He also travelled to the favelas in Rio … Read more on Sunday World

Texas drug policy conference kicks off Friday with speech by scientist-author
The keynote address is also part of an annual Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon where Hart will receive the top humanitarian award. It is one of the city's many events to … It reduced the 100 to 1 sentence severity for crack cocaine to 18 to 1. The … Read more on Dallas Morning News (blog)

Kemp's NI Extreme World due to air
A Northern Ireland focused episode of Ross Kemp's documentary series Extreme World – which looks at some of the most crime-ridden, dangerous parts of the globe – is set to air within weeks. Kemp's NI … It kicks off with a look at sex-trafficking in … Read more on U.TV