“What Would You Do” -City High Lyrics Question?

Question by freeforever: “what would you do” -city high lyrics question?

when it says
“somewhere smoking rock now, in and out of lock down”
does that mean smoking meth and in and out of jail because of that?

also, what the whole song purpose?

thanks man!

Best answer:

Answer by Shelby Todd

You can go to that link to read all the lyrics to that song. As for the song “purpose” im not exactly sure but the “story” in it is a young man in a strip club notices one of the dancers is a girl he knew from school. He took her outside and asked her why she was taking her clothes off for money?? Her answer was basically, “i have a son at home, cant afford a baby sitter so hes alone, his dad isn’t around. Hes a drug user out smoking’ crack (could be methamphetamine) but “rock” is normally crack/cocaine. and in and out of jail for whatever reason”. almost always something to do with the drugs in that lifestyle.She also said “the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money” shes a prostitute/stripper. that must be the only fast and easy way she knows to make money to take care of her son. Then she tells him “so for you this is just a good tine” (going out watching strippers, drinking, hanging with the homeys) but for me, this is what i call life. (that’s her life. (Demeaning herself and disrespecting herself for men, for money)
Hope that helped. I love that song. Always have.